Flowers & Cute Kids!

These are just a few random pictures....Nelson surprised me a few days ago with BEAUTIFUL flowers for no reason. It made my day! He is so good to me! Also... Carson loves his new Fireman Hat. Brother Crysler (sp) in our ward gave it to him. Amrie keeps getting bigger every day! She is too cute.


Carson Loves to wear glasses, Loves to wear anyones shoes, and he LOVES to DANCE!

Recent Pictures

I spent the last 2 weeks up in Snowflake because Nelson needed to go Camp Geronimo and I didn't want to be by myself. It was hard being away from him for so long, but I had lots of help, (especially from Erin my little sis!) and other family members. We got to see a huge heard of sheep that Carson kept calling cows. He learned so many new words while we were up in Snowflake. He still says Kyle all the time even though he's not around. We went to lots of softball games, played lots of card games, had a girls day out, watched movies, and just had a good time. It is good to be home again with Nelson and back to normal life! :-)

Cute Crazy Kids!

Jaycee, Tyler and Carson ran back and forth over 90 times. They were definitely the entertainment for the evening!