Watch Out!

Just so you know.... Amrie did this all by herself. (make sure you read the shirt). and yes, she is covered with Mac n Cheese. I love this little girl.

Silly Heston! :-)

Random Happenings...

The first pic is when we had fam visit for a few days. I just like LaRen's and Erin's face in this one. The second one is getting a pic of "the Bro's" washing dishes together. Oh so cute. The third is a pic of all the SWEET, non fighting 7 little ones that are in our home right now. haha. The really are sweet and good most the time, and they have alot of fun together.

Heston Turns 1!

My sweet little Chunky Heston turned ONE a few weeks ago. I seriously can't believe he is already one! He REALLY enjoyed his cake and presents. He is trying so hard to talk and mumbles alot. He is also trying to walk, but hasn't quite got it yet. I love my little Heston, he brings so much joy into our lives!

Willis Family Picture!


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Best & Worst of Friends.

These two have so much fun together... most of the time! :-) The silly faces crack me up.

Another Trip to the ZOO!

My Family came to visit a few weeks ago for Ross & Brooklyn's Reception. So, we spent the day at the zoo. It was fun. :-)

Ajo Rodeo

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Ajo to help with the Rodeo. Here a few pics of the kids & Aunts watchin the rodeo.

Amrie turns 2!

Amrie's Birthday was back in March. She has such a fun day with her cousins, and got spoiled! She's growing up so fast!

Finally.... an update!

I know I am horrible at blogging. Here is the first bunch of pics from the last few months.