Thanksgiving Pics

It was great to have Thanksgiving with the Lewis Family at our house this year! We missed those who couldn't be with us! I'm looking forward to my brother getting home on the 18th, and spending Christmas with the Willis Family. I just love this time of year! :-)

Our home.

Here are a few pictures of our home for those that have been asking for them. Sorry the house isn't very clean, but here ya go! :-)

Nelson's worst nightmare!! haha

Somewhere to call HOME!

Well, we finally moved. We finally have somewhere to call our own and feels like "home" more and more each day! We had so much help moving, and are very grateful. Most boxes are unpacked, we just have several little projects that will just take time. Some may never get done. But thats life... right?!?! I will try to post some pictures soon!

House Update

For those of you that are curious about our house situation..... We were supposed to close on Aug 24th, but found some leaks in the house. We are waiting for the bank to decide whether or not they will fix the leaks before we sign the papers. We've been waiting a few weeks, and we extended our closing date til Sept. 4th. (Friday). Hopefully we will know something soon. There is a slight chance we may drop the entire thing... BUT we really don't want to. So we'll just have to see how it all works out..... for now, we're just waiting, waiting, waiting.....


We went to Snowflake for a few days this past week, and LaRen was nice to take some pictures of us. Nelson had to stay and work... so someday we will get a family picture! :-) Make sure and scroll all the way, there are some very cute pictures of Amrie on the last post!

Chunky Heston!

Handsome Carson

Sweet Amrie

Grandpa's Hat & Boots.

I just found this picture that was taken a few months ago. Too Cute!

Free Photo Shoot?!

Becca Martin is doing a FREE photo shoot! She does a great job! If you want to enter visit this link or just check out her photos.

Carson is 3!

Carson turned 3 on July 16th. Without planning anything he managed to get 3 cakes and little parties, on separate occasions, thanks to both grandmas and other cousins! Now everytime he sees a cake, he thinks it's for him, and asks me to "sing the birthday". I've been trying to explain to him that his b-day is over, but he doesn't understand. He's so cute. He is growing up way too fast. He is such a joy to have around and is the best big brother (most of the time). haha. Anyway, these are a few pictures of part of his b-day celebration.