Family Pictures!

Thanks to Wick Lewis Photography for taking the pictures!

Carson's Dinner Video

Here is the video of Carson eating dinner. He is just the cutest little boy ever!

Saying Goodbye to Ross.... :-(

My little brother, Ross, left on his mission this morning! He is going to Denver Colorado! I can't believe it's already time. It makes me feel old! We sure love him, and will miss him! These are pictures from the airport if you didn't catch that. :-)

Carson's Dinner

Here are a few pictures of Carson eating dinner. It was everywhere! He loves eating by himself with his own fork. If I try to feed him he wont let me. He has to do it! Too Cute!

Da's 80th B-day Party

The Pictures of Mike & LaRen are a skit that they did from Saturday Night Live. It was very random, but very funny! Then the Willis Boys sang a song for my Grandpa which turned out very good. Last, Kyle, Lea & Cord did a skit about Milking Cows. Everything turned out very nice!

Jacob & Carson

Here is Carson and Jacob at the Lewis Family Thanksgiving. Seth's brother was nice to let us borrow his house for the Holiday and it had a HUGE backyard with a tennis court and pool. Carson Loved to ride on the back of this bike and pick up the tennis balls for the players.

Halloween Pictures!

Pumpkin Carving!

Here are the pumpkins we carved for Halloween. You can't see them very well, but thats okay, you can look at how cute Carson is instead. :-)


We just went to the doctor this morning, and found out that Carson is going to have a little sister! :-)

Carson & Cousins with the Goat at the Zoo.

Fun at the Zoo!

We went to the Zoo on Tuesday with Colleen, Sarah, Dayna, Esther, and all their kids, and it was so fun. Carson loved all the animals! I will give ANYONE $100 if they can tell me who EVERYONE is in the picture. :-) Good Luck!

Uh Oh!

We caught Carson trying to put on my mascara. Unfortunately it wasn't the first or last time this happened!


We went to Snowflake this last weekend and there was two little puppies that Carson loved. (Although, he was trying to step on it several times!)

Carson in the back of the trailer, pulled by the 4-wheeler. He loved going for rides in it!


Remodeling the Family Room!

Nelson & I have wanted to remodel this room for a while. The walls were green, and there was carpet. We extended the tile from the dining room and front entry into the family room. Alvin & Jessica Pease were nice to help paint. Also, during the remodel we had some problems with the outlets and it took around 7 hours to figure out exactly what was wrong. Alvin was a HUGE Help, along with his Dad "Uncle Clyde". Thanks to their help, our house didn't burn down! The room looks MUCH better now, and we are looking into getting some new couches or sectional! It's been fun. Thanks to Nelson for all of his hard work. The pictures may look like I did a lot, but Nelson did most of it! :-)

Sprucedale & Birthday!

Mt. Graham

Carson & Tyler In Snowflake

# 2!!!!


Carson & Kade - Aug 11, 07

It was so cute, Carson crawled on the floor and fell asleep. About 5 minutes later, Kade crawled over put his head on Carson and fell asleep too! So CUTE!


Carson broke out with the hives after he was on some medicine for his ears! It was so sad!